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Pet CPR Bag

Pet CPR Bag with Goodies

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INCLUDED: 1 Safety Instruction Manual, 6 Non Adhesive Wound Pads, 1 Disposable CPR mask, 2 Non Woven Triangular slings, 1 Nonwoven tape, 2 PBT bandage, 2 PBT bandage, 1 PVC Glove, tweezers, Scissors, 15 Band aids, 6 Safty pins, 3 soap wipes, 3 Alcohol wipes, 2 Trauma Pads, 1 Instant Ice Pack, 1 Thermal Blanket, 1 Sterile non woven swabs, 1 Cohesive Bnadages, and the cutest Pet CPR Bag ever!

Pet CPR Classes

Oregon CPR Pet CPR ClassesHaving skills and knowledge to help our dogs in an emergency can save their lives. Often there isn’t help readily available when something happens and owners don’t know what to do to assist their dogs before they get to a veterinarian. Knowing how to access, support and react to emergency & minor situations that can happen with your dog can literally save a life.

Participants will learn assessment and first aid skills as well as life saving Pet CPR for dogs using a canine manikin.
2 ½ Hour Workshop – $50.00 includes 2 year certification card.

A great resource for pet owners, rescue organizations & boarding or dog daycare staff.
You will learn:
• What to do if your dog is choking, bleeding or in shock
• How to assess your dog’s vital signs so you can get a better idea of what is going on
• How to put together a first aid kit for your dog and what contents should be included
• What to do if your dog is bitten by an insect or a snake or stung by a bee
• What to do if your dog is suffering from hypothermia, heatstroke or if your dog is having a seizure

Pet CPR – Mouth to snout CPR can save a dogs life. Participants will learn this valuable skill and be able to try it on a canine manikin.

Contact us to find out how to set up a class of 5 or more!

Upcoming Pet CPR Classes