Babysitting and beginner childcare is an incredibly common first job for teens and young adults. Working as a babysitter is an excellent way to make money while also having flexibility to work around school and work schedules. It is often a teen or young adult’s first attempt at running a small business and can help the teens/young adults in your life gain experience, confidence, and a multitude of skills that they will continue to use their entire life. In today’s world many families are looking for reliable and safe childcare. By encouraging your teen or young adult to take our Child and Baby Safety (CABS) program at Oregon CPR they will be prepared to handle all aspects of having a babysitting business. 

Oregon CPR offers our Child and Babysitting Safety (CABS) program at least once a month. The program is a four hour long course that gives teenagers and young adults all the knowledge they need to start a safe and successful babysitting business. The CABS program teaches teens and young adults important safety and injury prevention, basic first aid, how to properly feed, burp, and diaper babies, and safe sleep practices. We also teach other important care giving skills like tips on age appropriate play, how to stay engaged with the children you are caring for, and leadership skills. On top of learning important job skills focused around proper and safe care our Child and Babysitting Safety Program also teaches business basics that can be utilized by teens and young adults to make sure their business has the best chance of success. 

Here is a quick overview of what our Child and Babysitting Safety Program covers: 

  • Babysitting as a business
  • Safety and injury prevention guidelines and best practices
  • Leadership strategies to build confidence when responding to conflict
  • Tips on age-appropriate play
  • How to build rapport and stay engaged with children
  • Basic caregiving skills such as feeding, burping, diapering, and safe sleep practices
  • Basic first aid for common incidents

Oregon CPRs CABS program is built around Vlogger style videos, making learning appealing and fun for the youth that is most likely to take this course. We do our best to offer a course that is interesting, and informative for young adults and teens. The Child and Babysitting Safety Program covers all skills practice and skills testing during the four hour course session. 

This class covers certification requirements for the American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI). If you require certification through a specific entity, please register appropriately. 

For more information or to register yourself, or your teen in Oregon CPRs CABS program, visit:

Is your teen wanting to be extra prepared, or qualify for babysitting positions that require CPR & First Aid certification? Oregon CPR offers CPR and First Aid courses multiple times throughout the month. Many childcare centers and parents ask that you have this certification prior to working with their children. 12,000 children are taken to the ER each year due to choking related injury. Babysitters and childcare providers can help reduce the severity of choking incidents with up to date and accurate training. We offer CPR & First Aid courses that cover the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, and the Health & Safety Institute’s certification guidelines. During this course you will learn how to properly deal with choking instances, and other emergency situations that can occur while caring for children. 

Are you a new parent and want to learn First Aid and CPR skills, but don’t need a certification? Join us for our Parents Class for an overview of CPR and First Aid for adults, children and infants. Gain the skills and knowledge to properly manage an emergency without the price tag of a full certification program. 

You can find all our classes and schedule at